Professional Ironing in Your Home

Vaporella was created more than 20 years ago from the wonderful idea of introducing, for the first time, professional ironing into the home. Light, compact, resistant to wear and tear, and at the same time, practical, quick and powerful, Vaporella was a totally innovative product when first launched on the market. It was an immediate success and year after year Vaporella has won over consumers throughout the world, offering everyone the opportunity of making ironing easy and the ability to obtain professional results. Polti has not stopped with Vaporella but has continued to bring professional results and technology into all levels of ironing.

Vaporella Ironing Traditions

Results worthy of a professional, ironing has now become effortless and time saving.

Vaporella: Ironing Technology in Your Own Home

With Vaporella, you can discover the pleasure of wearing perfectly ironed clothes every day, as if you had just picked them up from the cleaners. What’s more, ironing with Vaporella is gentler on the fabric and slows down wear.

The secret of professional results is using vapour to immediately iron the fibres perfectly. To do this, you need to be able to count on the same kind of vapour technology that is used by professionals.

The Secret of the Result is in the Quality of the Vapour

  • At just the right temperature; not dry enough to ruin the fabric, nor damp enough to wet the fabric.
  • That is pressurised so that it rapidly passes through the fibres of the fabric to get perfect results right from the first stroke of the iron.
  • That is powerful enough to iron more than one layer of fabric at once, to press sheets, towels, trousers, etc. more quickly.
  • That is constant and uniformly released to consistently ensure excellent results.
  • Concentrated at the point of the soleplate so that it will rapidly penetrate the fibres, while the rear of the soleplate dries and presses the fabric.
  • That can be progressively regulated from 0 to 70 gr./min to iron any kind of fabric, from the thickest to the most delicate: denim, linen, nylon, synthetic fabrics, silk, etc.
  • That can offer the advantages of vertical ironing, simplifying the pressing of jackets, coats, curtains in order to liven up the colours and refresh fabrics by removing removing any persistent smells, such as tobacco.
Details 4500 R
Soleplate Aluminium soleplate
Boiler Alum. XtrAlp
Capacity 1,5 L
Base Anti-Slip
Safety Cap Yes